Committee Responsibilities

The Legislative Policy Committee reviews legislation that may impact Arizona’s county governments. The committee tries to ascertain the impact of such legislation and develop talking points to educate both counties and the Legislature. This committee is empowered by the Board of Directors to take positions on bills and guide the efforts of the staff at the Legislature. 


The Honorable  |  Sarah Benatar  |  Coconino Treasurer (Immediate Past President – Chair)

The Honorable  |  David Clouse  |  Navajo County Sheriff (President)

The Honorable  |  Dustin Williams  |  Pima County School Superintendent (First Vice President)

The Honorable  |  Kent Volkmer  |  Pinal Attorney (Second Vice President) (Officer & Attorney Rep)

The Honorable  |  Valerie Wyant  |  Coconino County Superior Court Clerk (Third Vice President) (Officer & Clerk Rep)

The Honorable |  Judd Simmons  |  County Assessors

The Honorable  |  Melissa Wirthlin  |  County Constables

The Honorable  |  Michele Reagan  |  Justices of the Peace

The Honorable  |  Stephen Richer  |  County Recorders

The Honorable  |  Will Ponce  |  County Sheriffs

The Honorable  |  Jacqui Clay  |  County School Superintendents

The Honorable  |  Stephen Miller  |  County Supervisors

The Honorable  |  Cathy Traywick  |  County Treasurers

Eslir Musta  |  Election Officials of Arizona

County Government Platform

AACo each year facilitates a process to identify the unifying priorities of Arizona’s fifteen county governments and the hundreds of elected county officials that lead their communities. County leaders identify public policy priorities of importance to their office and their community and then work with the Arizona Association of Counties to discuss those issues statewide with other county officials and other stakeholders.

The County Government Platform is created by the AACo Board of Directors by voting on each of the proposals submitted by Arizona’s county officials.