Board Overview

Since 1967, county officials from across the state and representing every elected county office have volunteered to serve on the governing body of the Arizona Association of Counties (AACo). Directors are selected by their peers to hold one of three types of positions on the Board of Directors.


Elected at large by the membership of the association at its annual conference to one-year terms, serving in a progressive chain.



Each of Arizona’s 15 counties elect one county elected official to serve as their geographic county representative to the board. County representatives serve a two-year term.



Each county elected affiliate group identifies a representative of their peer group, who represents that county elected office on the AACo Board for a two-year term.


2024 Executive Officers

The Honorable  | David Clouse  |  Navajo County Sheriff  (President)

The Honorable  |  Dustin Williams  |  Pima County School Superintendent (First Vice President)

The Honorable  |  Kent Volkmer  |  Pinal County Attorney (Second Vice President)

The Honorable |  Valerie Wyant  |  Coconino County Superior Court Clerk (Third Vice President)

The Honorable  |  Sarah Benatar  |  Coconino County Treasurer (Immediate Past President)

2024 County Representatives

The Honorable  |  Jay Yellowhorse  |  Justice of the Peace (Apache)

The Honorable  |  Cathy Traywick  |  Treasurer (Cochise)

The Honorable  |  Cheryl Mango-Paget  |  School Superintendent (Coconino)

The Honorable  |  Roy Sandoval  |  School Superintendent (Gila)

The Honorable  |  Heidi Torrio  |  Clerk of the Superior Court (Graham)

The Honorable  |  Diane Berube  |  Treasurer (Greenlee)

The Honorable  |  Richard Garcia  |  Recorder (La Paz)

The Honorable  |  Steve Watson  |  School Superintendent (Maricopa)

The Honorable  |  Jeanne Kentch  |  Assessor (Mohave)

The Honorable  |  Brad Carlyon  |  Attorney (Navajo)

The Honorable  |  Suzanne Droubie  |  Assessor (Pima)

The Honorable  |  Dana Lewis  |  Recorder (Pinal)

The Honorable  |  Manny Ruiz  |  Supervisor (Santa Cruz)

The Honorable  |  Donna McQuality  |  Superior Court Clerk (Yavapai)

The Honorable  |  Angela Moreno  |  Treasurer (Yuma)

2024 Affiliate Representatives

The Honorable  |  Eddie Cook  |  Maricopa County (Assessors)

The Honorable  |  Jon Smith  |  Yuma County (Attorneys)

The Honorable  |  Juan Pablo Guzman  |  Santa Cruz County (Clerks of the Superior Court)

The Honorable  |  Scott Blake  |  Maricopa County (Constables)

The Honorable  |  Michele Reagan  |  Maricopa County (Justices of the Peace)

The Honorable  |  Stephen Richer  |  Maricopa County (Recorders)

The Honorable  |  Jacqui Clay  |  Cochise County (School Superintendents)

The Honorable  |  Will Ponce  |  La Paz County (Sheriffs)

The Honorable  |  Stephen Miller  |  Pinal County (Supervisors)

The Honorable  |  Kari Lopez  |  Navajo County (Treasurers)

National Association of Counties (NACo) Board Representatives

The Honorable  |  Brad Carlyon  |  Navajo County Attorney