Coconino County

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General Information

Coconino County Website
County Seat: Flagstaff 86001
Created:  February 19, 1891
Courthouse: 200 N. San Francisco, Flagstaff 86001
Superior Court, Clerk of the Court, & Court Administration
Administration: 219 E. Cherry, Flagstaff 86001
Board of Supervisors, Clerk of the Board, Main Administration
General Services: 110 E. Cherry, Flagstaff 86001
Assessor, County Attorney, Public Defender, Recorder, Treasurer
County HR: 420 N. San Francisco, Flagstaff 86001
Fort Valley Complex: 2500 N. Ft. Valley Road, Flagstaff 86001
Additional County Administration, Community Development
Health Department: 2625 N. King Street, Flagstaff 86004
Public Health Emergency Preparedness, Comm. Services, Career Center
Technology Center: 202 E. Birch Avenue, Flagstaff 86001
Public Works: 5600 E. Commerce, Flagstaff 86004
Public Works, Emergency Management
Schools: 2384 N. Steves Boulevard, Flagstaff 86004

  • Area Code: 928
  • Administration 679-7144
  • TDD 679-7131
  • Area (total/% private): 18,661 square miles/14% Population: 143,746 (2019 estimate)
  • Standard email format: 
  •  Board meets the first Tuesday of each month at 10:00 a.m., the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m., and on the fourth Tuesday at 10:00  a.m.

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Phone: 679-7120
FAX: 679-7120
Administration Building, 219 East Cherry Avenue

DistrictSupervisorPhone Number
District 1Email Patrice Horstman (Chair)679-7151
District 2Email Jeronimo Vasquez (Vice-Chair)679-7152
District 3Email Matt Ryan 679-7163
District 4Email Judy Begay679-7154
District 5Email Lena Fowler679-7751




Email Armando Ruiz679-7962 679-7977110 E Cherry Avenue
Chief Deputy: Casey Dorman
AttorneyEmail Bill Ring679-8200

214-6115110 E Cherry Avenue
Chief Deputy: Jane Nicoletti-Jones
Clerk of the
Superior Court
Email Valerie Wyant679-7615

679-7646200 N. San Francisco Street
Chief Deputy: Jeff Mangis
RecorderEmail Patty Hansen679-7889

679-7851110 E Cherry Avenue
Chief Deputy: Donna Casner
School Superintendent

Email Cheryl Mango-Paget679-8070679-80772384 N. Steve’s Boulevard
Chief Deputy: Tina Wells
SheriffEmail Jim Driscoll226-5200226-5029911 E. Sawmill Road
Chief Deputy: Bret Axlund
Commander - Detention: Matthew Figueroa
Commander - Admin: Cathy Allen
Commander - Operations: Gerrit Boeck
TreasurerEmail Sarah Benatar679-8188 213-9243110 E. Cherry Avenue
Chief Deputy: Susan Walka


ManagerEmail Steve Peru679-7130
Deputy Manager Joanne Keene679-7140
Deputy ManagerLucinda Andreani679-7166 
Clerk of the Board  Lindsay Daley679-7145 
Community DevelopmentJay Christelman679-8850 
Emergency ManagementWes Dison679-7133
Engineer  Christopher Tressler 679-8850
Facilities ManagementSusan Brown679-8800
Finance Manager  Siri Mullaney679-7180
GIS Manager Helen Costello  679-7183 
Public AffairsEric Peterson679-7177 
HealthKim Mussleman679-7330
Human Resources  Erika Philpot  679-7100 
IT DirectorMatt Fowler679-7930 
Legal Defender Erika Arlington679-7740
Library Director Jared Tolman779-7670 
Parks & Recreation  Cynthia Nemeth 679-8000
Probation Director Sarah Douthit 679-8400
Public DefenderSandra Diehl679-8850
Public Fiduciary Rashida Suminski 679-7441 
Public WorksLucinda Andreani 679-7166


PrecinctJustice of the PeaceConstablePhoneAddress
Flagstaff PrecinctEmail Howard GrodmanEmail Darrin WombieHoward Grodman: 679-7650
Darrin Wombie: 679-7530
200 N. San Francisco Street
Fredonia PrecinctEmail Serena CutchenVacant
112 N. Main Street/ P.O. Box 559
Page PrecinctEmail Donald RobertsVacant645-8871

547 Vista Avenue/ P.O. Box 1565
Williams PrecinctEmail Rob KrombeenEmail Gregory King679-7698700 W. Railroad Avenue


Division 1Ted Reed679-7551
Division 2 - Presiding JudgeDan Slayton679-7580
Division 3Vacant679-7567
Division 4Elaine Fridlund-Horne679-7586
Division 5Cathleen Brown Nichols679-7557
Division 6Fanny Steinlage679-7575
Judge Pro Tempore - JuvenileAngela Kircher226-5400

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