2022 County General Election Guide

The following summarizes the candidates for county offices for the 2022 GeneralElection. This report is intended solely for the purposes of information and education. It is not intended to argue for or against any viewpoint, position, candidate or party. 

Counties are listed alphabetically on the side menu to the left; each county name listed is connected to a web-page containing a list of the candidates running for each county office. Candidate names are listed alphabetically by party and then alphabetically by last name within the party. Following each candidate’s name is a letter denoting their party affiliation; an asterisk denotes a candidate as the incumbent.
Below the name includes a picture of the candidate, unless noted otherwise, the picture is a hyperlink to the candidate’s campaign website or social media account (Facebook, Linkedin).

It is AACo’s hope that this information will be informative and useful in your preparations for the November general election, therefore there may be changes to this guide as we receive new and more accurate information. If there are any questions or concerns about this election guide, please contact AACo’s Communication and Education Manager, Gideon Wagner at (602) 252-6563 ext. 225 or via e-mail at gwagner@azcounties.org.

This General Election Guide contains information on candidates that are accurate as of the date of publication. This guide is not an official listing of candidates. AACo is not responsible for inaccuracies due to intervening circumstances such as death, withdrawal, concession, or any other circumstance occurring between the publication date and the election. AACo is not responsible for the content of the websites linked to listed candidates, documents, or county or state agencies. 

AACo does not maintain official records of the election. This guide is not to be used as proof of candidacy or election. The information presented in this was compiled from data made available to the public by county and state election officials.

For information on Federal, Statewide, and Legislative candidates for the 2022 General Election please click for the Secretary of State's website

Last Updated: 11/06/22.