General Members and Associate Members

General Members and Associate Members

AACo General Members are each of the elected positions within county government. Each category of General Members has one representative on the AACo Board of Directors.

AACo Associate Members are aligned with departments within the county government structure. Examples of such Associate Members include but are not limited to: Election Directors, County Engineers, Clerks of the Board of Supervisors, County Librarians and Public Health Officers. There are procedures and criteria in place for becoming an Associate Member, which includes a vote of the Board of Directors.

Current General Members

Arizona Association of Assessing Officers
President - Eddie Cook, Maricopa County

Arizona County Attorneys Association
President - Bill Ring, Coconino County

Arizona Association of Superior Court Clerks
President- Valerie Wyant, Coconino County

Arizona Constables Association
President- Scott Blake, Maricopa County

Arizona Justices of the Peace Association
President- John Peck, Pima County

Arizona Recorders Association
President- Stephen Richer, Maricopa County

Arizona Association of County School Superintendents
President- Tom Tyree, Yuma County

Arizona Sheriffs Association 
President- Mark Dannels, Cochise County

County Supervisors Association
President- Stephen Miller, Pinal County

Arizona County Treasurers Association
President- Angela Moreno, Yuma County

Current Associate Members

Arizona County Attorney and Sheriffs Association
President- Bill Ring, Coconino County

Arizona Local Health Officials Association
President - Diana Gomez, Yuma County

Election Officials of Arizona
President- Scott Jarrett, Maricopa County

County Librarians Association
Chair- Victoria Silva, Graham County

Arizona County Clerks Association
President- Natasha Kennedy, Pinal County