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Board of Directors
Board Overview
Since 1967, county officials from across the state and representing every elected county office have volunteered to serve on the governing body of the Arizona Association of Counties. Directors are selected by their peers to hold one of three types of positions on the Board of Directors.

First, the officers of the association are elected at large by the membership of the association at its annual conference to one-year terms. Typically, officers progress through the chairs of the officer posts until becoming President of the association and eventually Immediate Past President.

Second, the elected county officials from each of Arizona's 15 counties elect one county elected official to serve as their geographic county representative to the board. County representatives serve a two-year term of office (odd then even).

Finally, each county elected office holder from across the state meets frequently with their peers from other Arizona counties. We call these informal and formal associations of county officer groups "affiliates". Each year, the affiliates identify a representative of their peer group, who represents that county elected office on the AACo Board for a two-year term (even then odd).

Executive Officers 
  • The Honorable Paul Petersen, Maricopa County Assessor - President
  • The Honorable Cathy Traywick, Cochise County Treasurer - First Vice President
  • The Honorable Robyn Pouquette, Yuma County Recorder- Second Vice President
  • The Honorable Leslie Hoffman, Yavapai County Recorder  - Third Vice President
  • The Honorable Manny Ruiz, Santa Cruz County Supervisor - Immediate Past President

2017 Directors

County Representatives
  • Apache- The Hon. Jay Yellowhorse, Justice of the Peace 
  • Cochise- The Hon. David Stevens, Recorder
  • Coconino- The Hon. Sarah Benatar, Treasurer
  • Gila- The Hon. Roy Sandoval, School Superintendent
  • Graham- The Hon. Darlene Alder, Assessor
  • Greenlee- The Hon. Linda Durr, Assessor
  • La Paz- The Hon. Shelly Baker, Recorder
  • Maricopa- The Hon. Bill Montgomery, Attorney 
  • Mohave- The Hon. Virlynn Tinnell, Superior Court Clerk
  • Navajo- The Hon. Brad Carlyon, Attorney 
  • Pima- The Hon. Beth Ford, Treasurer
  • Pinal- The Hon. Mike McCord, Treasurer
  • Santa Cruz- The Hon. Suzie Sainz, Recorder
  • Yavapai- The Hon. Donna McQuality, Superior Court Clerk
  • Yuma- The Hon. Joe Wehrle, Assessor

NACo Board Representative
  • The Hon. Michael Jeanes, Maricopa County Superior Court Clerk
Affiliate Representatives
  • Assessors- The Hon. Deborah Hughes, Gila County
  • Attorneys-The Hon. Bill Ring, Coconino County 
  • Clerks of the Superior Court- Michael Jeanes, Maricopa County
  • Constables- The Hon. Ken Sumner, Maricopa County 
  • Justices of the Peace- The Hon. Bill Rummer, Yavapai County
  • Recorders- The Hon. Patty Hansen, Coconino County
  • School Superintendents- The Hon. Barry Williams, Apache County
  • Sheriffs- The Hon. Leon Wilmot, Yuma County
  • Supervisors- The Hon. Tommie Martin, Gila County
  • Treasurers -The Hon. Angela Moreno, Yuma County