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Mohave County
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Candidates for County Offices
More detailed Federal, Statewide, and Legislative candidates are found by clicking the hyperlink to the Secretary of State's website here and at the bottom of the page

Board of Supervisors- District 5
Ron Gould (R)
Ron Gould - BoS 5.jpg
Clerk of the Superior Court
Virlynn Tinnell (R)*
virlynn tinnell - superior court clerk.jpg
Constable - Bullhead City
Michael Hamilton (R)*
MikeHamilton - constable bullhead city.jpg
Constable - Cerbat
Ray Cullison (R)*
RayCullison - constable cerbat.jpg
Constable - Kingman
Michael Cobb (R)*
MikeCobb -  constable kingman.jpg
Constable - Lake Havasu
Martin Standsberry (R)
Martin Standsberry - constable lake havasu.jpg
Constable - North Canyon
Michael Hoggard (R)*
MichaelHoggard - constable north canyon.jpg

Justice of the Peace - Bullhead City
Jon Moss (R)*
JudgeMoss- jp bullhead city.jpg
Justice of the Peace - Cerbat
John Taylor (R)*
John Taylor - Cerbat.jpg
Justice of the Peace - Kingman
David Huerta (R)*
David Huerta - Kingman.jpg
Justice of the Peace - Lake Havasu
Jill Wachtel Davis (R)*
No found photo.png
Justice of the Peace - North Canyon
Barbara Brown (R)*
No found photo.png

Superior Court Judge -  Div. 1
Charles Gurtler Jr. (R)*
Charles Gurtler Jr. - SC Judge.jpg

Superior Court Judge -  Div. 2
Derek Carlisle (R)*
Superior Court Judge -  Div. 3
Steven Moss (R)*
Superior Court Judge -  Div. 4
Lee Jantzen (R)*
Lee Jantzen - SC Judge div 4.jpg
Superior Court Judge -  Div. 6
Virginia Crews (R)
Virginia Crews - SC Judge div 6.jpg
 Eric Gordon (R)
No found photo.png
 Lenore Knudtson (R)
Lenore Knudtson - SC Judge div 6.PNG
Superior Court Judge -  Div. 7
Rick Lambert (R)*
Rick Lambert - SC Judge div 7.jpg

For information on Federal, Statewide, and Legislative candidates for the 2018 Primary Election please click the Secretary of State's website here.