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Maricopa County
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Elections Department
Candidates for County Offices
More detailed Federal, Statewide, and Legislative candidates are found by clicking the hyperlink to the Secretary of State's website here and at the bottom of the page

Clerk of the Superior Court
Roberta Neil Miller (D)
Roberta Neil Miller.jpg
Jeff Fine (R)
Jeff Fine.jpg
Constable - Arrowhead
Michael Branham (R)*
Michael Branham - Arrowhead.jpg
Constable - Downtown
Darlene Martinez (D)
Darlene Martinez - Downtown.PNG
Constable - East Mesa
Ken Allen (R)*
Ken Allen - East Mesa.jpg
Constable - Encanto
Maria Ligocki-Russell (D)*
Maria Russell - Encanto.JPG
Constable - Hassayampa
Blake Scott (R)*
Scott Blake - Hassayampa.jpg
Constable - Ironwood
Billy Joe Spurlock (R)
Bill Spurlock - Ironwood.jpg
Constable - Kyrene
Kent Rini (D)
Kent Rini -.JPG
Brandon Schmoll (R)
No found photo.png
Constable - Manistee
Lennie McCloskey (R)
Lennie McCloskey - Manistee.jpg
Constable - McDowell Mountain
David Lester (R)
David Lester - McDowell Mountain.jpg
Constable - North Valley
Mike Rowe (R)
Mike Rowe - North Valley.jpg
Constable - San Marcos
Nathan Wallace (R)
Nathan Wallace - San Marcos.jpg
Constable - South Mountain
Mahogany Kennedy (D)
Mahogany Kennedy - South Mountain.jpg
Constable - University Lake
Karyn Lathan (D)
Karyn Lathan - University Lake.jpg
Gary Johnson (R)*
Gary Johnson - University Lake.jpg
Constable - West McDowell
Raul Santa Cruz (D)*
RudySantaCruz - West McDowell.jpg
Constable - West Mesa
Brandon Giles (R)*
BrandonGiles - West Mesa.jpg
Constable - White Tank
Mark Sinclair (R)*
MarkSinclair - White Tank.JPG
Justice of the Peace - Agua Fria
Joe Guzman (D)*
jpGuzmanJoseph - Agua Fria.jpg
Justice of the Peace - Arrowhead
Craig Wismer (R)
craigwismer - arrowhead.jpg
Justice of the Peace - Downtown
Enrique Medina-Ochoa (D)*
Enrique Medina-Ochoa - Downtown.jpg
Justice of the Peace - East Mesa
Keith Russell (R)*
jpRussellKeith - East mesa.jpg
Justice of the Peace - Encanto
Ken Cheuvront (D)
Ken Cheuvront - Encanto.jpg
Justice of the Peace - Hassayampa
Miles Keegan (R)*
jpKeeganMiles - Hassayampa.jpg
Justice of the Peace - Ironwood
Joe Getzwiller (D)*
jpGetzwillerJoe - Ironwood.jpg
Justice of the Peace - Kyrene
Sharron Sauls (D)
Sharron Sauls - Kyrene.jpg
Bob Robson (R)
Bob Robson - Kyrene.png
Justice of the Peace - Manistee
Donald Watts (R)*
Donald Watts - Manistee.jpg
Justice of the Peace - McDowell Mountain
Michael Reagan (R)*
jpReaganMichael - McDowell Mountain.jpg
Justice of the Peace - North Valley
Gerald Williams (R)*
Gerald Williams - North Valley.PNG
Justice of the Peace - San Marcos
Jay Tibshraeny (R)
Jay Tibshraeny - San Marcos.png
Justice of the Peace - South Mountain
Cody Williams (D)*
Cody WIlliams - South Mountain.jpg
Justice of the Peace - University Lake
Tyler Kissell (D)*
Tyler Kissell - University Lake.jpg
Gregory Kelly (R)
Gergory Kelly - University Lakes.jpg
Justice of the Peace - West McDowell
Teresa Lopez (D)
Teresa Lopez - West McDowell.jpg
Justice of the Peace - West Mesa
Elaissia Sears (D)
Elaissia Sears - West Mesa.jpg
Fred Arnett (R)*
Fred Arnett - West Mesa.jpg
Justice of the Peace - White Tank
David Osterfeld (R)*
jpOsterfeldDavid - White Tank.jpg
For information on Federal, Statewide, and Legislative candidates for the 2018 Primary Election please click the Secretary of State's website here.