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County Officials
District 1 - Denny Barney
District 2 - Steve Chucri
District 3 - Bill Gates 
District 4 - Clint Hickman 
District 5 - Steve Gallardo 


Paul Peterson

Bill Montgomery

Clerk of the Superior Court
Michael Jeanes
Adrian Fontes

School Superintendent
Steve Watson

Paul Penzone

Royce Flora

Justices of the Peace

Agua Fria Pct. - Joe Guzman
Arcadia Biltmore Pct. - Leonore Driggs
Arrowhead Pct. - Craig Wismer
Country Meadows Pct. - Anna Huberman
Desert Ridge Pct. - Cathy Riggs
Downtown Pct. - Jimmie Hernandez
Dreamy Draw Pct. - Frank Conti, Jr.
East Mesa Pct. - Keith Russell
Encanto Pct. - C. Steven McMurry
Hassayampa Pct. - Miles Keegan
Highland Pct. - Steven Urie
Ironwood Pct. - Joe Getzwiller
Kyrene Pct. - John McComish

Mainstee Pct. - Donald Watts
Maryvale Pct. - Andy Gastelum
McDowell Mountain Pct. - Michael Reagan
Moon Valley Pct. - Andrew Hettinger
North Mesa Pct. - Cecil Ash
North Valley Pct. - Gerald Williams
San Marcos Pct. - Keith Frankel
San Tan Pct. - Sam Goodman
South Mountain Pct. - Cody Williams
University Lakes Pct. - Tyler Kissell
West McDowell Pct. - Rachel Carrillo
West Mesa Pct. - Mark Anderson
White Tank Pct. - David Osterfeld 


Agua Fria Pct. - Alfredo Gamez
Arcadia Biltmore Pct. - Carolyn Lane
Arrowhead Pct. - Ron Myers
Country Meadows Pct. - Kenneth Sumner
Desert Ridge Pct. - James Rich
Downtown Pct. - Doug Clark
Dreamy Draw Pct. - Doug Middleton
East Mesa Pct. - Ken Allen
Encanto Pct. - Maria Ligocki-Russell
Hassayampa Pct. - Scott Blake
Highland Pct. - Phil Freestone
Ironwood Pct. - Billy Joe Spurlock
Kyrene Pct. - Brandon Schmoll

County Manager
Joy Rich

Mainstee Pct. - Lennie McCloskey
Maryvale Pct. - Frank Canez
McDowell Mountain Pct. - David Lester
Moon Valley Pct. - J. Richard Coplan
North Mesa Pct. - Ed Malles
North Valley Pct. - Brent McCleave
San Marcos Pct. - Kevin Jones
San Tan Pct. - Stephen Allen
South Mountain Pct. - Jimmie Munoz
University Lakes Pct. - Gary Johnson
West McDowell Pct. - Rudy Santa Cruz
West Mesa Pct. - Fred Arnett
White Tank Pct. - Mark Sinclair