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Yavapai County
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Candidates for County Offices
More detailed Federal, Statewide, and Legislative candidates are found by clicking the hyperlink to the Secretary of State's website here and at the bottom of the page

Clerk of the Superior Court
Donna McQuality (R)*
Constable - Bagdad/Yarnell
John Eric Watson (R)
John Eric Watson- constable.jpg
Constable - Mayer
Hank Hellman (R)*
Hank Hellman  - constable mayer.png
Donny Oen (R)
Donny Oen- constable.jpg
Constable - Prescott
Ron Williams (R)*
WilliamsRon-  constable prescott.png
Constable - Seligman
Luis Alvarez (R)*
AlvarezLuis - Constable seligman.png
Constable - Verde Valley
Jody Fanning (R)*
FanningJody - constable verde valley.png
Justice of the Peace - Bagdad/Yarnell
Shelly Bacon (R)
Shelly Bacon - JP Bagdad yarnell.PNG
Dennis Dowling (R)
Dennis Dowling - JP Bagdad yarnell.PNG
Justice of the Peace - Mayer
Bill Rummer (R)*
Bill Rummer - JP Mayer.jpg
Justice of the Peace - Prescott
Mitch Padilla (R)
Mitch_Head_Shot-1-  JP Prescott.jpg
Glenn Savona (R)*
SavonaGlenn-  JP Prescott.png
Justice of the Peace - Seligman
Ethan Burch (R)
No found photo.png
Ben Emery (R)
No found photo.png
Janice Kulp (R)
No found photo.png
 Dominick Sarno (R)*
SarnoDominick- JP Seligman.png

Justice of the Peace - Verde Valley
Bill Lundy (R)*
LundyWilliam - JP verde valley.png
Superior Court Judge - Division 1
David Mackey (R)*
DavidLMackey- SC judge div 1.png
Superior Court Judge - Division 2
John Napper (R)*
NapperJohn - div 2.png
Superior Court Judge- Division 3
Tina Ainley (R)*
TinaRAinley- SC judge div 3.png
Superior Court Judge - Division 5
Cele Hancock (R)*
CeleHancock_1- SCj div 5.png
Superior Court Judge - Division 6
Anna Young (R)*
AnnaYoung - SC judge div 6.png
For information on Federal, Statewide, and Legislative candidates for the 2018 Primary Election please click the Secretary of State's website here.