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Pinal County
Candidates for County Offices
More detailed Federal, Statewide, and Legislative candidates are found by clicking the hyperlink to the Secretary of State's website here and at the bottom of the page

Clerk of the Superior Court
Scott McKee (R)
scott mckee for clerk of superior court.jpg
Amanda Stanford (R)*
Amanda Stanford - clerk of the sup ct.jpg
Constable - District 1
Louis Bacchi (D)
Louis Bacchi - constable.jpg
Mal Osgood (R)
No found photo.png
Constable - District 2
C. Scott Elliott (R)
C. Scott Elliott - constable 2.jpg
Scott McNutt (R)
Scott McNutt - constable 2.jpg
Constable - District 3
Robert De Arman (R)
Robert De Arman - constable 3.jpg
David Irvin (R)
David-Irvin constable 3.jpg
Michael Minter (R)
Michael Minter -  constable 3.jpg
Constable - District 4
Andre Lafond (D)
Andre Lafond - constable 4.jpg
William Griffin (R)
William Griffin - Constable 4.jpg
Glenn Morrison (R)
Glenn Morrison - constable 4.jpeg
Constable - District 5
Christopher Alvarado (D)
Chris-Alvarado - constable 5.jpg
Michael Sloan (R)
Michael Sloan - constable 5.png

Constable - District 6
Ted Gremmel (R)
No found photo.png
Jack McClaren (R)
No found photo.png
Justice of the Peace - District 1
Shaun Babeu (R)
Shaun Babeu - jp 1.jpg
Christopher Wendt (R)
Christopher Wendt - JP 1.jpg
Justice of the Peace - District 2
John Ellsworth (R)*
John Ellsworth - jp2.jpg
Justice of the Peace - District 3
Brett Eisele (R)
Brett Eisele - jp 3.jpg
Eustino Tarango III (R)*
Eustino Tarango III - jp 3.jpg
Justice of the Peace - District 4
Lyle Riggs (R)*
Lyle Riggs - jp 4.jpg
Justice of the Peace - District 5
Larry Bravo (D)
Larry Bravo - jp 5.jpg
Joe Arnold Estrada Jr. (D)
Joe Arnold Estrada Jr. - jp 5.jpg
Nancy Discher (R)*
Nancy Discher - jp 5.jpg
Justice of the Peace - District 6
Kevin Cavanaugh (R)
Doug Coleman (R)
Doug Coleman - jp 6.jpg
Glenn Walp (R)
glenn walp - jp 6.png
For information on Federal, Statewide, and Legislative candidates for the 2018 Primary Election please click the Secretary of State's website here.