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County Government Platform
What is the County Government Platform?

AACo each year facilitates a process to identify the unifying priorities of Arizona's fifteen
county governments and the hundreds of elected county officials that lead their
communities.  County leaders identify public policy priorities of importance to their
office and their community and then work with the Arizona Association of Counties to
discuss those issues statewide with other county officials and other stakeholders.

The County Government Platform is created by the AACo Board of Directors by
voting on each of the proposals submitted by Arizona's county officials.

Please direct all questions to our Senior Legislative Associates: 
  • Trey Williams at  or 
  • Megan Kintner at .

2017 County Government 
Platform - Adopted by the Board of Directors on December 2, 2016 

Fiscal Measures
HB2339 Presidential Preference Election Funding (Coleman)- Provide for continuing reimbursement of PPE Costs upon submittal of a proper claim using revised reimbursement tiers. 

SB1249/SCR1011 Property Tax Exemptions Reorganization (Burges) - 
Reorganize the constitutional provisions for property tax exemptions and modify property tax exemptions to extend the exemption to veterans all widows and widowers who are Arizona residents regardless of their residency at the time of their spouse's death.

Single Year Property Tax Schedule -  Value, assess, levy and collect property taxes on a single-year schedule.

Efficiency Measures
HB2106 Continuing Lien on Earnings (Boyer)- Modify the time frame for 60 to 90 days before a continuing lien becomes invalid and of no force and effect; specifically for individuals who are employed by school districts.

HB2158 Limited Public Report Exemption for Tax Lien Purchasers (Shope) -
 Exempt tax lien investors from some subdivision requirements when they sell tax lien foreclosed properties to encourage tax lien investment in subdivisions.   
SB1066 Superior Court Clerk Reporting Revisions (Burges)- Amend various statutes to reflect current practices between the Superior Court Clerk's office and outside agencies when reporting information maintained by the Clerk.

SB1176 Electronic Transfers (Burges)- Allow fire districts and special districts to make electronic transfers in lieu of drawing a warrant for authorized expenditures. 

SB1271 Countywide Vote-By-Mail (Worsley) - Allow, not require, the county to conduct mail ballot elections to possibly defray the costs and improve efficiencies instead of conducting physical elections. 

Public Safety Measures
HB2239 Restoration-to-Competency Reform (E. Farnsworth) - Revise statutes to allow prosecutors to request, and courts to order, a criminal defendant charges with specific sex offenses to be screened for eligibility as a Sexually Violent Person (SVP) while they are undergoing evaluation for incompetency to stand trial. In addition, require evaluating and treatment agencies to provide notice to the courts and prosecutors through various stages of treatment and hospitalization.

Mental Health Information Enhancement - Require the courts to disclose the A.R.S. title number under which the person was declared legally incompetent when the court is reporting information to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.
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