Available Publications

The Arizona Association of Counties (AACo) produces a number of publications on various topics.

AACo Bulletin

The AACo Bulletin is a weekly eNewsletter reporting news about Arizona’s counties and, during the session, news from the legislature impacting counties and AACo members. View the most recent edition of the AACo Bulletin.

Arizona Government Directory

The Arizona Government Directory is a single listing of all elected and senior-appointed government officials in Arizona at the federal, state, county, local, and tribal levels with contact information, as well as certain statistical data for each jurisdiction.

The directory is now an online digital publication only, available for no cost. View the most recent edition of the Arizona County Government Directory.

Salary & Benefit Survey

The salary and benefits survey is an annual survey of the county, city, and town personnel used by local governments to determine budgets and by the private sector to track compensation trends in public employment. Obtain a copy of the most recent edition of the Salary & Benefit Survey (PDF).

Enactment Guide

Questions about the new laws passed during this year’s legislative session?

Check out AACo’s 2021 Legislative Enactment Guide! It includes short summaries of all legislation enacted during the 2021 Legislative Session along with links to the bills; they are categorized by policy area.

COVID-19 and Counties

A summary of how Arizona’s counties, elected officials, and their offices are performing their essential duties in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. View the guide