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What is the County Government Platform?

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AACo each year facilitates a process to identify the unifying priorities of Arizona's fifteen county governments and the hundreds of elected county officials that lead their communities. County leaders identify public policy priorities of importance to their office and their community and then work with the Arizona Association of Counties to discuss those issues statewide with other county officials and other stakeholders.

The County Government Platform is created by the AACo Board of Directors by voting on each of the proposals submitted by Arizona's county officials.

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2021 County Government Platform

As Adopted by the Board of Directors on December 8, 2020 (PDF)

AACo Bill Status - Last Updated Friday April 16, 2021
Bill NumberTitleStatus
HB2019School Dist Gov Boards (Udall)4/13 Passed Senate COW
HB2075Fingerprints at Sentencing (Pratt)3/23 Signed By Governor
HB2141Diversion Programs (Pratt)3/31 Passed Senate Approps, in the Box
HB2162Class 6 Open (Blackman)4/9 Signed by Governor
HB2189Re-Entry Programs (Pratt)3/17 Passed Senate Approps, in the Box
HB2314Printing Presidential Electors (Kavanagh)3/22 Passed Senate Government
Dangerous & Incompetent (Pratt)
3/25 Passed Senate Judiciary, in the Box
Detention Officers/Warrants (Payne)
4/12 Submitted to Governor
County Salary Bill (Kavanagh)
4/13 Passed Senate COW
ADE Data Access (Pace)
3/30 Passed House Approps, in the Box
SB1305Sex Offender Registration (Ugenti-Rita)3/31 Ready for House COW
Election Omnibus (Shope)
4/15 Signed by Governor
SB1529Adult Jail Education (Navarrete)3/30 Passed House Approps, in the Box
CVP Refund/Clean-Up (Gowan)
3/24 Passed House Approps, in the Box
HB2315Online Signatures Schools (Kavanagh)DEAD - Never Heard in Committee
HB2779Fentanyl Dealers (Pratt)DEAD - Held in House Judiciary
SB1491Property Tax Deferrals (Shope)DEAD - Held in Senate Finance
SCR1027Disabled Vet Exemption (Rogers)DEAD - Never Heard in Committee
N/AShort Term Rental Commercial DefinitionDEAD - Could Not Find Sponsor
N/AHate Crime DesignationsPulled From Platform